Come to Daddy

If it's true, it's a good deal. I hate the fourth year -- the fourth year is absolutely a terrible thing to have to deal with. But the Mets had to deal with the fourth year. The fact is that while Stark may disagree, Pedro still has at least something left. And when you think about it, the shrewd Boston front office, the one that everyone celebrated when they won the Series, was willing to give Pedro three years, with an option for the fourth.

So if you want to talk about going out on a limb, you're talking about only one year. And I think that a team like the Mets, if they're to climb out of this whole, getting a couple years of a surefire HOFer, and one of the greatest pitchers of this generation is not such a bad thing. I agree with Rhoden, who says it's all worthwhile.

Anyhow, I'll believe it when it's official. But I'm certainly not upset.


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