Manny, Minaya and More

So here's the newest rumor: Manny to the Mets ... I like it. I don't love it, but it's something.
I think that the Mets are still stuck in some bizarre and unconscionable world in which they are a small-market team. When you hear about Drayton McLane in Houston making a low-ball offer to Beltran, you say, "Well, that's not a huge market, Beltran loves the area, maybe it could work." The Mets can't operate like that, because whether the Wilpons like it or not, no one's unsure about the size of New York's market. No agent would ever believe that the Mets "can't afford" to up their offer, and when they don't that agent finds another team that will.
We weren't willing to offer the money that it would take to bring Guerrero to New York, so instead we decided to make a lowball offer and hope that a guy who had said all along that he didn't want to play in New York would accept it. He doesn't, and suddenly he has a back problem of some sort, and that's why we don't want him. We can't expect to woo free agents based on the charm of our fair city, because our city has something that means a lot more to baseball players and agents -- money. If we won't pony it up, someone else will.
So back to Manny ... maybe he's wrong for us at this particular time. But we CAN afford him. I'm as big a fan as anyone of staying within a budget and building a team according to some plan (someone tell me if they can think of one). But I don't like a budget for budget's sake. The Mets are going to make money. Next year, with the RSN, they'll be making even more. We can pay Manny, so to not do so for reasons of an invisible budget just doesn't make sense.
If you're going to stay away from Manny for money reasons, provide a viable alternative. Nope, Moises Alou doesn't count.

Moving on, JD Drew is a terrible option. Truly terrible. The guy is purely unlikeable, for one. Who needs him. But we've been talking about Richie Sexson, who's had one injury in his career, as injury prone. But J.D. Drew? J.D. DREW! The guy just played 145 games this season and it was his career high. For him, 100-game seasons are the norm. Considering the seeming curse of coming to the Mets anyhow, does anyone at all see him playing more than 35 games this season? Anyone?


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