Pavano's a Yankee

So Carl Pavano decided to join the Evil Empire. Obviously, I'm never happy with such developments -- I prefer it when the Yankees pick up guys like Kevin Brown, Kenny Lofton, etc.
But I think it bears mentioning that Pavano, perhaps due to a bevy of middle-of-the-road free agent pitchers available this year, has enjoyed hype far exceeding his worth.

A few numbers to consider:
Career record - 57-58
Career ERA - 4.21
Career Starts - 149
Career K/9 - 5.92

As far as numbers go, they're certainly not bad. But remember when Josh Beckett was considered the next great pitcher after the '03 World Series? Pavano strikes me the same way, with one exception -- he's 29. That's young by this year's free agent standards, and certainly young for the Yankees, but it's not like he's just finding his groove. He's had one great season in his career (this past one) and another good one. One year does not a great pitcher make.
Definitely a good pickup for the Yankees -- that's undeniable. But I wouldn't start planning the parade just yet.


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